Why Are LEDs Viable And What Makes Them So Popular?

LED lights are now the latest trend in Pakistan. Seeing their benefits it is surprising that they weren’t able to penetrate the conventional lighting landscape way before. But things are changing and every new construction that takes place, LED lights are a common fixture. Not only home owners but the independent contractors are also giving in to public demand.
The benefits, when weighed against the benefits of fluorescent or incandescent lights, there is no doubt that these lights are the present and the future of lighting. With the evolution, LED lights have carried over all the benefits and addressed all the issues that old school lights had.

Every new home, office, park, hospital, school, university, mosque, even bus stops and street lights are LED lights. The biggest plus point that these lights have is that they are long lasting. Not just long lasting but very long lasting. LED light manufacturers claim that these lights can last up to 10 years. That is a full decade. And yes, the claims are correct! Granted, the build quality is up to the mark.
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LED lights in Pakistanare everywhere, this is good for business for those who are in it and we still have not reached the tipping point. Meaning there is a lot more room to be made. As long as the world is alive, people are going to construct. For that they are going to need lights. The rapid expansion on areas that were once considered outskirts of Lahore are now central locations with all the necessities nearby. And this trend is going to keep going. And as said before, since LED lights are the future, they are going to be used for their unending benefits.

Here are the benefits and reasons why LED lights are simply better

They emit zero heat

They are long lasting: Life span is almost 10 years.

They require less energy: LED lights require half the energy of incandescent and florescent lights to throw out a little more than equal lumens (SI unit to measure light strength) of light.
LED lights are inexpensive: Since they require less energy that means the electricity bills are reduced.
No mercury: LED lights are also environmentally friendly. Mercury, a hazardous chemical element is not used in LED lights. It is quite commonly used in fluorescent lights, and when combined with emitting heat, they travel in the air around them.
LED lights produce more light: if the same wattage is used in LED lights and florescent or incandescent lights, the light produced in LEDs is more. An LED light with half the wattage of a normal light, the light produced is still more than the old counterpart.
More lumens: The higher the lumen count, the brighter the light. LEDs produce more light due to higher lumen value.
Sturdy: LED lights, when held in a hand do not feel as delicate as the incandescent or fluorescent lights. They are easy to carry and transport. You do not have to put too much effort in their handling
Lightweight: LED lights are lighter in weight

Different colors: Variety is so much better. Find the color that suits your décor the most

There are countless other benefits that are not really benefits but by products of the benefits of these lights. For example, take the first point. LED lights produce less heat. Now what that means is that these lights can be fixed in close proximity as well. You will not have to worry about a small child reaching them and touching them and getting burned fingers due to them. You also do not have to worry about all the excess heat warming up the room in summers. Small rooms with no air conditioning heat up to the point of becoming unbearable. For example store rooms and pantries. They are still going to be pretty hot in summers considering how hot Pakistan can get, but you can be assured that a bulb is not complimenting the heat and taking it up a notch even further. Often times, in shower rooms in winters, heated bulbs would explode due to hot steam coming in contact with incandescent bulbs. The steam rises up can cause the bulb to explode. With LED lights, that cannot happen.

The LED bulbs and lights are going to reduce your bills for you. With electricity prices rising with each passing year, it is only logical to switch to LED lights. If we look at the difference that a single LED bulb makes in the electricity consumption and cost cutting, the difference will not feel substantial, to be honest. But multiple the one month difference with 12 months, and you will start to feel it. Now imagine if the whole house was lit up by LEDs, the amount of money saved is huge.
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